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Dr. Hetty Chen

Dr. Hetty Chen, founder and President of Hetty Enterprise USA Inc, is a California licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of herbal medicine. She received her masters of science in acupuncture and oriental medicine and a doctorate in holistic nutrition. Through generations of herbal medicine lineage, Dr. Chen has developed a line of herbal supplements from a family formula that was perfected by her own years of research and development.

Dr. Chen was born with numerous health conditions and ailments, leading to a life of constant fight. Amongst some were congenital heart disease, glaucoma, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. Her father was an herbalist in Taiwan working on his own herbal formulas but never perfected any of them. In 1978, she came to the United States to study and started her business journey. It was not until her forties that she went back to school to study Eastern medicine. During this time, she started experimenting with what her father taught her and applied her own schooling and knowledge. She suffered many setbacks and failures but continued to dedicate herself to her craft. Her goal was not to treat the disease itself but to treat the human body to fight on its own, enhancing the immune system so the body can defend against ailments. Her struggles with chronic illness inspired her to constantly explore new frontiers of medicine. She studied physiological and pathological mechanisms of the diseases themselves, applied traditional eastern concepts of medicine, but all the while with modern technology in mind. After years of research and numerous experiments, Dr. Chen finally found a solution to hybridize traditional Eastern medicine to modern Western technology. She enhanced the use of natural plants by a concentration and extraction process, then formalized her own supplements.
In 1980, Hetty Enterprise USA Inc was formed. Since then, Dr. Hetty Chen has been working with countless patients with a variety of ailments. Both domestically and internationally, Dr. Chen has helped people of all ages and diseases. She has accumulated numerous certifications and awards during this time, including the Who’s Who Registry of Business Leaders. The California based company has also been working closely with partners and clients in Asia. Dr. Chen has always valued her oath as a doctor. She says, “We as doctors came to this world to save lives, to do good work. The patient’s pain is our own pain. To free a patient from his or her pain from the disease. This is our responsibility.”

Dr. Chen is on a lifetime mission of research and development of her formulas. As she furthers her medicinal endeavors, she is handing the torch of the company down to her younger daughter, Ms. Liu, who oversees the company while Dr. Chen focuses on her research.

Ms. H. Liu is the American born daughter of Dr. Hetty Chen. She has a background in Western medicine, contrasting yet complementing her mother’s background in Eastern medicine. Ms. Liu received her bachelors in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2006. Ever since, she has worked with and researched cancer cells and their mechanisms in the body along with reaction to chemotherapy. With this history, she believed a collaboration with her mother would strengthen the power of traditional Eastern medicine when applied with newer, modern technology. She is now closely working with Dr. Hetty Chen and foreseeing the future of Hetty Enterprise USA, Inc.

Ms. H. Liu

H. Liu
Vice President


The greatest wealth of all lays in one’s health.


A human body must experience balance in all aspects of life.



Traditional herbal medicine focuses on the harmonious balance of yin and yang in the body.


Creating long, healthy lives to spend quality time with future generations.


Prosperity is to not only have longevity, but also to experience it in the highest quality.


Strength and endurance of the body’s own cells are the key to health.