Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer

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Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer enhances one’s immunity, slows down the aging process, provides health and longevity, especially for those with cancer or blood diseases. It assists one’s immune system to fight diseases and their symptoms.


Customer Stories

Huang Jinglin
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Sure enough, after a month of Grandmother Hetty’s medicine, my condition miraculously improved. I was in stable condition. I wasn’t losing red blood cells and platelets. A few months later, my numbers went up. My white blood cell count were normal. I had 11 grams of red blood cells and platelets reached more than 80,000.

Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer

Dr. Hetty Chen, after years of studying natural medicine and nutrition, successfully extracted from natural plants and herbs to create Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer. She took her efforts to a higher level and finally developed a formula to support cellular homeostasis maintaining a balance of yin and yang along with the heat and cold principles in the body. The purpose is to optimize the body’s ability to self-repair, therefore reducing disease and illness.


Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer does not combat against a specific disease. Rather it supports the entire body’s system of self-repair. It promotes human cells to maintain optimal health and helps restore damaged cells back to its natural and healthy condition.


Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer is especially suitable for cancer patients with immunocompromised health. Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer will boost the immune system, along with prolonging life, slowing down aging, protecting against environmental damages induced on the human body, and thereby reducing the chances of cell mutation.


Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer is made from only the highest quality natural plants and herbs, using a highly specialized concentration and extraction process with all of its components in full compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration. From both current medical textbooks to thousands of years of herbal medicine history, all the ingredients used have proven to be non-toxic with no side effects, suitable for long-term use.


Ingredients: American Ginseng, Astralagus, White Peony Root, Chinese Foxglove Root, Chinese Wolfberry, Thunberg Fritillaria Bulb, Five Ye Grass

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Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer

Dosage & Usage

Directions: Take 1-3 capsules, three times a day.


Per bottle: 60 capsules


Please consult with your physician before using this supplement if you are under the age of 18 or if you are pregnant or nursing.


I don’t have any illnesses but want to maintain good health. How would I used Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer?

Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer is fantastic for the maintenance of good health. Take 1-3 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

I am on chemotherapy at the moment. Am I able to use Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer?

Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer can enhance the immune system to assist in reducing the side effects caused by chemotherapy.

I am a cancer patient, had surgery, chemotherapy, and have been taking Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer for the prescribed dosage for a while. Can I reduce the dosage?

As long as health conditions are stable, you can adjust dosage appropriately, and continue to observe your condition.

If I use Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer and my conditions return to normal, do I need to continue taking it?

We recommend continued use of Hetty Natural Cell Enhancer for health maintenance, avoiding further development of tumor cells.