Guo Xun Zhong – Pingtung County, Taiwan

Guoxun Zhong

I, Guoxun Zhong, was born in 1957 in Taiwan. In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue in Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. Surgical removal of the tumor put me in remission. However, three years later, I was diagnosed with recurrence of the cancer at Ci Ji Hospital. I underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and more surgery. Prognosis looked good until six months later, in April of 2013, the cancer metastasized in my body, and even to the brain. I was feeling hopeless until a friend introduced me to Dr. Hetty Chen. I started using Hetty Cell Enhancer twenty days before my next surgery. I was taking five capsules, three times a day, fasted before meals. This was a major oral surgery that lasted 23 hours. I was told that I would have to stay in the intensive care unit for a week. However, my recovery was magical, even spending two days less in the ICU. I continued heavy use of Hetty Cell Enhancer during my recovery. Six months later, tests showed no cancer cells. I am in remission now even though the doctor said the cancer metastasized at that time. I want to show my gratitude of having this opportunity to share this magic to the world. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hetty Chen!

Feng Xiu Zhen – California, USA

In October of 2012, I was diagnosed with stage II myeloma in Guangzhou. I had multiple uterine fibroids, iron deficiency (anemia), diabetes, and kidney stones. My doctor wanted me to start chemotherapy treatments, but I did not want to go that route. My symptoms kept me in a lot of pain. I met with Dr. Chen and was convinced that her natural herbs will save my life. I immediately started taking Dr. Chen’s Natural Cell Enhancer along with Herba Diet-B II. Meanwhile, I was going back to the hospital every six months for blood tests. Sure enough, my indicators were slowly returning to its normal index. Even with my indicators normal today, I still insist on taking Dr. Chen’s supplements. I am very grateful to Dr. Chen that I have a second chance in life without all the pain and torture. I would love to share my testimony to any friends in need of help, hoping they can receive the dame reward, no longer subjecting to the pain of disease, and to live a healthy and happy life.

Feng Xiu Zhen

Huang Jing Lin – Bejing, China

Huang Jinglin

Greetings everyone! I have some good news. I have resumed school on May 4 and am doing very well. Although I get tired sometimes, I can hold on. I want to take this opportunity to share my life story with other kids like me who have terminally ill diseases. I hope my story gives them strength and hope.

I wasn’t scared. I was more afraid of not having courage. We could not give in to the disease. I had to overcome it. My condition worsened though and I was hospitalized, twice in critical condition. The worst time was when I had about three grams of about hemoglobin, platelets were at 700, granulocyte 0, and sores started forming all over the inside of my mouth. I was just so tired and wanted to sleep, but I was never scared. I was never scared of death. However, you showed up and saved my life. Every time my condition got worse, I felt like I had a strong determination to live. The doctor even said I was very strong. But my condition got worse. My body was weak. My numbers were going down and I could only rely and red cell and platelets to sustain life.

I was in a dangerous situation. The doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant and asked my parents to check for compatibility. At the same time, they needed 30-50 Rh negative type O blood. It’s such a rare blood and it was very unlikely for me to find it at the time. All my family members have already been donating their red blood cells and platelets multiple times. Even their physical conditions were taking a toll. The doctor said I couldn’t go without this transplant. If I don’t have it, I only had another 5-6 years to live.

This is when I was lucky enough to meet a miraculous doctor. She was helping out Director Qian of the Chinese UNICEF at the time. I now call her Grandmother Hetty. She is a natural medicine expert, often going to ill patients all around the world. Director QIAN told me and my parents that in the hands of Dr. Hetty Chen, there is no disease she cannot cure. After repeated research, she finally made a breakthrough, reversing cancer cells to normal cells. That’s when mom and dad decided to use Grandmother Hetty’s medicine.

Sure enough, after a month of Grandmother Hetty’s medicine, my condition miraculously improved. I was in stable condition. I wasn’t losing red blood cells and platelets. A few months later, my numbers went up. My white blood cell count were normal. I had 11 grams of red blood cells and platelets reached more than 80,000. I was even healthier than before I got sick.
I have a friend, Ting Ting, who is using Grandmother Hetty’s medicine with me. He is recovering faster than I am. All his indicators have returned to normal and he too, is back in school.

I want to thank Grandmother Hetty for giving me a second chance in life. She brings hope to all of us terminally ill patients. I hope to continue to be strong with other kids like me, and I hope that Grandmother Hetty becomes Grandmother to all of us. I wish you all good health and good luck.